Sunday, October 13, 2013

Samhain history

Photo: Samhain is coming up fast... Do you know your history?

Only to me

Through the mist I do see
... what it is only calls out to me

Through the mist

Through the mist the twisting tree limbs are silhouetted against billowing clouds, branches stretch to dark horizons,
Flocks of birds burst forth across the sky, seeming to herald doom.
It's a Gothic world of foreboding mystery
~In the Gray Mist

"The wise are silent."

"The wise are silent."
You cannot know what I do know nor travel paths to where I go . The secrets in my mind will be shared or they will not...
But you do not want to know them all... no one ever does

Chant for Helping Pain & Grief

I started a new page... Why? Don't I already do enough?
Yeah - I don't know what the hell I was thinking... I wanted one that was all mine though - with no one elses name on it...
Selfish? Not really.. untrusting & worried I'll get bumped off once it a huge hit...
Anyway... here's the new one

Catch up posts

Time to play catch up again... too bad I can't go back far enough - it's been awhile since I've re-posted on here...
Get ready for tons of posts...