Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bustle ruffle fabric layout

So I think it should work.. providing I have enough fabric. . Fingers crossed!

Bustle layout

Free form pattern cutting. . Scary! But I think it looks ok

Bustle waistband

Instead of using ties for my bustle I decided to cut the waistband off of a pair of my husband's old work pants... I chopped a chunk off the end and then I'll sew back the piece with the closure on it.

Steampunk bustle base

Found some great fabric at my thrift store.. The catch was it was already chair covers... bought 2 of the for 1.50... They will turn into my bustle

Steampunk sewing/design start...

Putting my pieces together for my Night Circus outfit for Teslacon. ..
I found the base dress at our local thrift store & got it during a 50c sale. . It will be changing into a skirt & the leftover material will be added into my bustle