Monday, March 23, 2015

DIY Swimsuit wrap - Trial #1

So I've been spring cleaning, trying new gluten free recipes.. which I should be putting on here .. but ughh.. I forget..
Anyway.. I'm here to journal my adventure on trying to make a diy swimsuit wrap.. I've found a few tutorials on them.. but thy're really vague on instructions... so onto filling in my own blanks...
I had this piece of fabric that was 60" wide... and found in one instruction they used 45" .. so I cut mine down to 45"
Many different length options.. 1, 1 1/2, 1 3/4 ... well this makes sense really it depends on how long you want it..  I'm at 38" long

Now for the straps... lots of choices here.. Fold the fabric in half... cut a "c" .. use a tank top as a pattern for arm holes.. attach a strap, .. fold over corner, sew a tunnel, & feed through the strap...
Ok.. so all these are viable options... but how long for the straps???.. no one says ..
So I choose the fold over & sew the tunnel for the straps.. I thought it looked like the best end result
Here's the link for the tutorial to reference..
So being a guess measurement on my corner foldovers .. I'm going with 7" away across from the corner & 9" down from the corner...
Now I'm taking fabric to wrap around my arm loosely & hope for the best on straps...
First trial 24" long & 2" wide... Feels & looks right... Fingers crossed!!
So now... I'm off to sew..