Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Time to get back to my journaling..
Why haven't I been?
I'm not sure... maybe the extra two minutes it takes.. lol

Well ... I'm still in WI.. I still follow the Ancient ways.. and always learning more.

My daughter now 14 (yikes!) .. at the beginning of the school year decided she would go to public school. Her first time, and as a freshman in high school. So anticipating this change I took a part-time job the summer before, and set up the hours so I'd still be able to take her and pick her up.
Well.... school started. She went two days. Now she's back as a virtual student & I'm still working part time.
A long story for another post...

I've spent alot of time playing on Polyvore... I love creating the sets, and now designing outfits too!
I've found so much wonderful fashion & online stores for affording it - Best part!
I'll start sharing on here too!

And of course I still have Witch's Cauldron on Facebook... And boy have we grown! So I'll share more from there too.. like I used to.

And I'm even on Tumber.. My Escape - Misconstrued Results .. Not a huge following - but I enjoy it..

I have twitter, but I don't like it... LOL...

It's my day off work.. but I have SO much to do - you understand don't you...