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Winter Solstice explanation

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Prayer to the Growing Sun

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Celebrating the Solstice Ritual

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Celebrating the Solstice
Like any Sabbat, this festival works well if paired up with a feast.

Celebrate the sun's return by preparing all kinds of winter foods — whip up a batch of cornbread, a pot of buttered rum, plum pudding, cranberry dressing, game stew, etc. Have the whole family eat together prior to the ritual. Clean up, and when you're done, cover your table or altar with candles. Use as many as you like; they don't have to match.

In the center, place a sun candle** on a riser, so it's above the rest. Don't light any of the candles just yet.

Turn off all the other lights, and face your altar. If your tradition requires you to cast a circle, do so now.

Face the candles, and say:

The wheel of the year has turned once more,
and the nights have grown longer and colder.
Tonight, the darkness begins to retreat,
and light begins its return once again.
As the wheel continues to spin,
the sun returns to us once more.

Light the sun candle, and say:

Even in the darkest hours,
even in the longest nights,
the spark of life lingered on.
Laying dormant, waiting, ready to return
when the time was right.
The darkness will leave us now,
as the sun begins its journey home.

Beginning with the candles closest to the sun candle, and working your way outward, light each of the other candles. As you light each one, say:

As the wheel turns, light returns.

The light of the sun has returned to us,
bringing life and warmth with it.
The shadows will vanish, and life will continue.
We are blessed by the light of the sun.

Take a moment to think about what the return of the sun means to you. The return of the light meant many things to different cultures. How does it affect you, and your loved ones?

When you're ready, go through the house and turn all the lights back on. If you have children, make it a game -- they can yell out, "Welcome back, sun!"

If you're not too full from dinner, have some eggnog and cookies on standby, and take the time to bask in the light of your candles and eat some treats. When you're done, extinguish the candles from the outside of the altar working towards the center, leaving the sun candle for last.

Source - https://www.thoughtco.com/welcome-back-the-sun-for-yule-2562985

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A Simple Solitary Yule Ritual

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A Simple Solitary Yule Ritual
By Scott Cunningham in “A Guide for the Solitary Practioner”

The altar is adorned with evergreens such as pine, rosemary, bay, juniper and cedar, and the same can be laid to mark the Circle of Stones. Dried leaves can also be placed on the altar. The cauldron, resting on the altar on a heat proof surface (or placed before it if too large), should be filled with ignitable spirit (alcohol), or a red candle can be placed within it. At outdoor rites, lay a fire within the cauldron to be lit during ritual.

1) Arrange the altar, light the candles and incense, and cast the Circle of Stones.
2) Recite the Blessing Chant.
3) Invoke the Goddess and God.
4) Stand before the cauldron and gaze within it. Say these or similar words:

I sorrow not,
though the world is wrapped in sleep.
I sorrow not,
though the icy winds blast.
I sorrow not,
though the snow falls hard and deep.
I sorrow not,
this too shall soon be past.

5) Ignite the cauldron (or candle), using long matches or a taper. As the flame(s) leap up say:

I light this fire in Your honor, Mother Goddess
You have created life from death;
warmth from cold;
The Sun lives once again;
the time of light is waxing.
ever returning God of the Sun!
Hail Mother of All!

6) Circle the altar and cauldron slowly, clockwise, watching the flames. Say the following chant for some time:

The wheel turns; the power burns.
7) Meditate upon the Sun, on the hidden energies lying dormant in winter, not only in the Earth but within ourselves. Think of birth not as the start of life but as its continuance. Welcome the return of the God. After a time cease and stand once again before the altar and flaming cauldron. Say:

Great God of the Sun,
I welcome Your return.
May You shine brightly upon the Goddess;
May You shine brightly upon the Earth,
scattering seeds and fertilizing the land.
All blessings upon You,
Reborn One of the Sun!

8) Works of magick, if necessary, may follow. Celebrate the Simple Feast, the release the Circle.