Saturday, December 29, 2012


So are the holidays done yet??
They are seriously exhausting me... decorating... people.. shopping... more people... smiling.. wrapping.. planning.. going.. cleaning.. cooking.. UGHHHH..
Today the day was at my Sister in Laws... Love her yes.. Had a good time - yes.... but just the matter of neglecting other things I could have taken care of ... selfish I suppose... and she is great... but my mental anguish still leads me to stress. Maybe because I just want the holidays over & things back to a regular schedule.

I do love seeing family and having time together... but it gets made into something so hectic...
Yule.. now Yule seems more casual, not rushed and natural... I need more of that!! And I will be working more of that in.. little by little.

So are they done yet? No. Not completely... because now decorations need to be put away...
Then a New Year will begin.. Now that I'm looking forward too!

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