Thursday, January 3, 2013

January Collection of Details...

A whole bunch of great details that I collected on January.. mostly found on "Gypsymagicspells" a wonderful blog!!
Got Snow??
Simple Snow Magicks
--To melt hard feelings against you, gather snow that has fallen in a gentle storm. Write the name of a person who is giving you a hard time on a piece of paper. Put it in the middle of a glass plate. Take the snow and pile it on top. Add a dash of sugar. As the snow melts, the person in question will loosen their grip on you.

--To banish someone or something that has given you a lot of pain, take snow from a wild storm and follow the same procedure as above. Be sure to ask Dame Holda's blessing and that the spell not be reversed or place upon you any curse.

--Snow poppets are fun to make. If a friend is sick, fashion a tiny snow person, add something of the persons, such as a lock of hair. As the snow melts your friend will get better.

--Instead of using your athame in ritual, use and icicle!

--Make snow wishes. With your staff, wand or athame, carve a wish into the snow. Ask Dame Holda to grant your wishes. Trace a pentagram next to the wish to seal it.

--Write a wish on a piece of paper and pack snow around it. Place it in a jar. As the snow melts, your wish will be granted

Astrology and Birth Signs for January:
(note: some of the dates will overlap with December and February)
Sign of the Carnation (Dec 22 to Jan 21)
Sun in Capricorn (Dec 22 to Jan 19)
Sign of the Orchid (Jan 21 and Feb 19)
Sun in Aquarius (Jan 21 to Feb 19)

Celtic and Nordic Tree astrology and signs for January:
(note: some of the dates will overlap with December and February)
Apple (Dec 23 to Jan 1)
Birch (Dec 24 - Jan 21)
Fir (Jan 1 to Jan 11)
Elm (Jan 12 to Jan 24)
Rowan (Jan 21 - Feb 17)
Cypress (Jan 25 to Feb 3)

Pax - The Roman Goddess of Peace
“All we are give peace a chance.” sang John Lennon.
Even back in the rule of Caesar Augustus, people were longing for peace when a temple was built to Pax, the Roman Goddess of Peace.
Daughter of Jupiter and Lustitia, Pax was a minor Roman goddess whose cult was active during the reign of Augustus. Little of her practices and beliefs have survived, but we do know she was honored with several feast days and festivals. Her festivals are January 3, January 30 and July 4.

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