Saturday, February 16, 2013

Crystals & Sleep

Crystals & Sleep

Crystals can be used for many things including dreaming and sleep. Crystals can be placed in a bowl of water by the bed, or can be put under your pillow, or kept in a little pouch around your neck during the day and hung somewhere near where you sleep at night.
 The following crystals have qualities that can be called upon for all night related issues:-

AMETHYST – for restful and peaceful sleep
CITRINE – To help stop nightmares
SMOKY QUARTZ – to de-charge a bedroom after a busy day
AQUAMARINE – To increase dreams.
ANGEL STONE – To link to beings of light in your sleep
JADE – Also called the dreamstone, for good dreams.
MOONSTONE – to calm emotions, hyperactivity, and excitement, so helping sleep to come.
BLUE LACE AGATE – a stone of peace and calm. Ideal when someone is driving you nuts, or there is too much noise and restlessness in or around you and you are not tired enough to go to sleep.
FLINT – keeps room energy balanced and clear. Place a flint in each corner of your bedroom – it protects and seals the energy field, helping you to drift off to sleep in peace.

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