Thursday, March 7, 2013

Biblical take on 11

Numerology and its biblical interpretation go hand in hand. That is why biblical numerology enjoys an important role in world of numbers.
 As illustrated in bible, number 11 has all negatives attached to it. Biblical numerology describes number 11 representing imperfection, disorder, disintegration, dis-organization and chaos. Few examples can be cited as ;there were 11 dukes of Edom that were constantly at war with Israel, also 11 sons of Jacob bought disintegration to the family. Not to forget September 11 as one of the noteworthy examples to illustrate negatives associated with the number 11.
Number 11 in biblical sense portrays transgression, evil, peril, sin. Also it is looked upon as with dual character.
Many think that number 11 is to do with biblical prophecy. Others believe that it is the 11th hour i.e. time right before the holocaust and mass destruction. It is written in bible that in last day’s disorder and confusion would escalate and we can see the signs now. Example being havoc in Japan in 2011.Hence we can say that number 11 and biblical numerology go hand in hand.
Many firm believers of biblical numerology states that end of the world is about to come as many astronomers gave us the date of mass destruction i.e. 2012.Recent evidences push us to believe this. Tremors in New Zealand, followed by massive tsunami in Japan to list a few. If it is true what is scribbled in bible this is for sure end of days and make sure you do enough good deeds before facing the almighty on the judgment day. It can be said as 2nd coming of Christ or another Armageddon.
Number 11 also represents a dreamy nature, nervous energy, shyness coupled with impracticality. Number 11 has also to do with dual character. Often people with number 11 collapse beneath the weight of dual nature.11’s often provide the impetus to others but fails to receive admiration for their works. A person who is an 11 will often stumble between accomplishing everything and pressing on the self destruction button, such duality in nature make them prone to being addicted and have phobias as compared to other numbers. Such 11’s need to have faith and should avoid 24x7 analysis of the situations they get dropped in.

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