Sunday, April 7, 2013

Herbal Tea Rhyme

Herbal Tea Rhyme
Herbal tea seeks out the person it needs to be with at a given time and place, and it will fulfill that person’s needs.
Listen to what the tea says to you.
Let your intuition blend with the vision of the tea you are drinking, and experience the herbal healing that is yours for the asking.

"Seeds and deeds, Be sown on days
In harmony with lunar phase.
Quick or slow, They sprout and grow
And soon turn into grand bouquets.
Leaf and flower, Root and thorn,
Harvest on a Solstice morn.
Then the powers that you seek
Shall be firmly at their peak."
—from Priestess and Pentacle
by Gerina Dunwich
Art -Tea Time by *PrincessMagical

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