Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Honey As A Magickal Ingredient

Honey As A Magickal Ingredient
Ruler: Oshun, bee goddess
Type: Food
Magickal Form: Any type
Use this sweet and sticky substance to attract good fortune, fertility, and love. Dishes filled with honey beckon angels and other beneficial spirits. For wealth, create an altar with coins drizzled with honey. For a conception spell, cover a pumpkin with honey and offer it to a river. For love, bathe in warm water and honey.

This is also a favorite offering for the love goddesses. The passion and fertility-enhancing properties of honey may owe that reputation to the hexagons of the honeycomb, six being the sacred sexual number of Aphrodite.

Note: An assassination attempt was once made on the African love goddess, Oshun. The plot was to poison her with honey. In remembrance of this, always taste the honey first before offering libations to any goddess.
From: Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients

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