Saturday, April 13, 2013

Lucky 13 Herb Garden

The Lucky 13 Herb Garden

To create a garden to magickally attract good luck into your life and keep bad luck at bay, plant any 13 herbs from the following list on a Thursday (ruled by the planet Jupiter) when the moon is waxing or full. 
Do not plant when the moon is waning (growing smaller) otherwise you may cause your good luck to wane.
Good luck herbs: 
aloe vera, bamboo, be-still, bluebell, cab- bage, calamus, China berry, chinchona, daffodil, devils bit, fern, grains of paradise, hazel, heather, holly, houseleek, huckleberry,
Irish moss, Jobs tears, lucky hand, oak, pomegranate, poppy, purslane, rose, snakeroot, star anise, strawberry, sumbul, vetivert, violet, wood rose.
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