Monday, April 22, 2013

Wolves poem - The Guard

The Guard
the guardians follow behind me
day and night, sleeping and awake
i feel their careful footsteps
look behind me quick enough and see
their shadows running with mine

have they been there all along?
i wonder over them, these mysterious guides
the black, the white, the silver, the brown
in every dream they are beside me
in every battle they are before me

these guardians of mine with sharp teeth
swift feet, knowing eyes, they know me
maybe they know me better than i know myself
they point me the way i am to go
but i struggle against it, stubborn heart

i do not want to go to the desert
i do not want to dream of wars and dead
if i am to take a lesson from them
am i a wolf dressed in girl's clothing
am i strong enough to believe?

maybe they are with me to remind me
that like true love, true magick never dies.
by ~TheChainedIdiot
Art - Hungry loneliness by ~x-Cubbu-x

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