Thursday, May 23, 2013

Blog Neglect...

All I need to do is open up the blog.. write a bit.. or even copy & paste what I've been doing in fb..
But do I remember? Do I take the time?
But I have been busy doing other things besides
Gardening.. busy, busy... LOVE it so much!! Hubby bought me a bunch of new fruits that I've been making new spaces for me...
The hubby.. yes.. busy there too.. lots of stress, and friction... taking that day by day
Sewing.. finished one of my daughters skirts for TeslaCon... have her belt all designed & cut, but my sewing machine has decided its not strong enough to do the work :/   I'll go back to that project after I figure it out..
My daughter turned 11.. that was so fun - she had a blast.. Her bestfriend is moving to AZ next month.. thats so sad!!
Finances, lawyers, taxes, so many stresses.. oh my!!
School exams & last minute assignments, next year decisions to get done.. now
My head always hurts, along with my neck, my shoulder... now lets add some tooth pain in there from the fillings that have fallen out that I haven't been able to get fixed.. Panic attacks, bouts of depression, severe anxiety in the vehicle, and crowds... so exhausting
Spring cleaning, spring allergies, dogs in their heat cycles wearing panties,
And the normal house chores, pets, cooking, chickens....
Oh & time to talk to friends & family.. lol

Thanks for listening blog... I don't like complaining... but mb I should write it out more.. At least you're a good listener blog

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