Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Charm of bedroom protection

Charm of bedroom protection
We want to feel safe and relaxed in the bedroom of our house.
It’s an important thing to promote safeness and a stress free environment in bedrooms.
Items needed
~ an ornament or container in which you can place things in
~ iron
~ salt
~ obsidian
~ an arrow head
~ a bell
~ allspice
~ lavender
~ lilac
~ rose petals
~ cat hair
Take the needed items and go into the bedroom, take a moment to relax and think of a place to hang the ornament
Mix the herbs together (which should be dried), and place them into the ornament “Mix well to protect”
Place the piece of iron, obsidian, and salt inside of it
Add the cat hair
Add the arrow head
Tie the bell to the ornament then hang it up over the bed
“Power of herbs, stones, and hair.
Let no harm come in this lair.”

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