Friday, June 7, 2013

Bless Your House ~ Protection Spell

  • Bless Your House ~ Protection Spell

    By Citrine Waters

    Choose the deity that most represents your feelings about the divine. A good choice is Brigid, Celtic goddess for water and fire, whose healing energies will help to cleanse a home where the environment has been punctured by abuse, harsh arguments, or other negative manifestations. The totem for this goddess is the cow, and offerings of milk are acceptable.
    Carry the four elements around your house, imagining that all negativity is banished from each room.
    When finished, stand in the center of the room and say:
    I am the wind on the sea
    I am a wave of the ocean
    I am the roar of the sea
    I am a powerful ox
    I am a hawk on a cliff
    I am a dewdrop in sunshine
    I am the strength of art
    I am a spear with spoils that wages battle
    I have cleared the stony place upon the mountain
    From basement to attic. From sill to door
    From roof to landscaping.
    I fill this house with the protective energy of (name deity) and ask for blessing upon each person who resides here.
    So mote it be!

    Renew every six months. This ancient Celtic poem magickally declares your sovereignty over your home.
    Silver RavenWolf

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