Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Folk Charms for Home Protection

Folk Charms for Home Protection

- Cut an onion in half and set both halves on the windowsill in the kitchen Empower to suck up negativity. Change when the onion sprouts.
- Hang a pair of open scissors over the front door to cut off negativity from entering the house.
- Put garlic under the bed to ward off nightmares
- Scent your pillow with lavender to bring sweet dreams
- Place holy water by the left side (as you face it) of the front door
- Make a prayer monument built of small, round, white stones in one corner of your property. A small pile will do. Leave milk and honey for the spirits of the property and entreat their protection.
- Place a small bag of angelica, rosemary, and mint under the four eaves of the attic (or on the four corners of the property)
- To stave off a coming storm, stick a knife in the ground, blade pointing in the direction of the oncoming nasty weather to splint the wind. Scream, “I am the presence” at the top of your lungs, directed at the oncoming storm.
- Hang a cluster of acorns on the front door to protect the residence and those who live there.
- Place a full glass of water by your bed every night to collect any negativity in the room.
- Put a mothball in each corner of the room to absorb negativity
- If you can help it, don’t make a major housing move when the moon is void of course, or when Mercury, Jupiter, or Venus are retrograde.

Written by Silver RavenWolf
Prepared by ~Citrine~

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