Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Four Directions Protection Spell

Four Directions Protection Spell

For this spell we use the Lunate Cross, which defends the center (you) with crescent moons directed outward. This particular sign was popular with European shamans. In alchemy, this sign stand for vinegar. (You can also inscribe the design on a black candle, dress in vinegar, and place over your picture to stave off future attacks)
Goddess energy for this spell is Luna, Roman goddess of the moon, night, and time, meaning if you want to put a more complicated twist into your magickal working by designating a specific amount to time, Luna will oblige you, Luna’s name means “the moon that rules the months” and she is associated with the seasons as well as the first day of the waning moon. Her holiday is March 31.
- The four aces in any poker deck
- A black marker
- Drawing of the Lunate Cross

Draw the Lunate Cross with the black marker over the face of each card. Cast a magick circle. Place the aces in the following manner: club in the north (money, wealth, work, luck), diamond in the east (courage, energy, daring), spade in the south (destiny, logical thinking), heart in the west (love, family, growth). You can illuminate the four quarters with votive candles if you desire (green north, yellow east, red south, blue west).
Envision yourself surrounded by white light. Call forth the assistance of Luna. Feel the power of her spirit encompass you.
Walk to the north, hold the ace of clubs and say:
By the power of the north protective energy, now flow forth
Keep the card in your hand and walk to the east. Hold the ace of diamonds, and say:
By the power of the east bring wisdom within my reach.
Keep the cards in your hand and walk to the south. Hold the ace of spades, and say:
By the power of the south I do not fear, nor do I doubt.
Keep the cards in your hand and walk to the west. Hold the ace of hearts, and say:
By the power of the west ebb and flow, and coalesce.
Walk to the center. Hold the four aces over your head and say:
Protection around me, above me, below me, from all directions, love and hold me. 
By the power of the One 
Lord and Lady it is done!
So mote it be!
Glue the four aces together and keep in pocket or purse for continued protection. Thank the goddess Luna. Written by Silver RavenWolf
Prepared by ~Citrine~

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