Thursday, June 6, 2013

Herbal Amulets

Herbal Amulets

Herbs are often worn or carried in order to tap their specific powers. Following are several traditional herbal amulets, some of which are questionable, some fanciful, but all fascinating and potentially useful.

To See Ghosts: Carry lavender and inhale its scent.
To Allay Fear: Carry a mixture of nettle and yarrow.
To Detect Witches: Carry a sachet of rue, maidenhair, agrimony, broom-straw, and ground ivy.
To Be Courageous: Wear a fresh borage flower, or carry mullein.
To Avoid Military Service: Wear a four-leaved clover if you wish to avoid duty.
To Ensure Safety And Protection On A Journey:Comfrey worn or carried will safeguard you.
To Prevent Storms And Wreckage While At Sea: Put a garlic clove in your purse or in your pocket. In the South Pacific or in Hawaii wear a garland of ti leaves.
To Guard Against Rape: Wear heather to avoid all acts of passion.
To Keep One From Dreaming: Hang a sprig of lemon verbena around the neck.
To Conceive: Wear mistletoe, cyclamen, or bistort.
To Prevent Weariness While Walking: Put mugwort in the shoe.
To Keep Venomous Beasts And Wild Animals Afar:Wear avens or mullein.
To Keep Others From Deceiving You: Wear pimpernel or snapdragon.
To Keep Disease Afar: Wear a sprig of rue around your neck.
To Enable a Soldier To Escape His Enemies: Wear vervain and you shall accomplish this.
To Avoid Being Sent To The Gallows: Wear or carry a carnation.
To Ensure Victory: Wear woodruff to win.
To Ensure That Friendly Words Are Spoken To You:Wear heliotrope.
To Enter The Underworld: Carry an apple, or the branch of an apple tree that bears buds, flowers and fully ripened fruit.
To Regain Lost Manhood: Carry an acorn or mandrake root.
To Remain Faithful: Carry an acorn.
To Prevent Drunkenness: Wear a chaplet of saffron, crocus, parsley, or rue to prolong your enjoyment.
To See Faeries: Gather wild thyme and carry it with you, or put it on the eyelids (with your eyes closed) and sleep on a faeri hill.
To Be A Successful Fisherman: Carry a bit of hawthorn.
To See A Unicorn: As this beast usually lives among ash trees, carry a bit of the wood or leaves and you may see one. Or lie down among ashes and place one of its leaves on your chest and wait for one to make itself known.

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