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Honeysuckle Medicinal & Magical Properties

Honeysuckle Medicinal & Magical Properties

Magical Uses
Honeysuckle - devoted love - said to protect your garden from evil. It is known as the 'love bind' - symbolizing a lover's embrace in its clinging growing habits. The heady fragrance of the flowers was believed to induce dreams of love and passion. If the bloom is brought into the house a wedding is said to follow within the year. 

Honeysuckle has been burned as incense since ancient times within homes and dwellings for prosperity. It is said that burning honeysuckle can attract and maintain financial blessings into the home. The sugary and lemony scent of honeysuckle sweetens the thoughts of those who smell it, therefore triggering generosity.Since ancient times, it is said that the sweet scent of honeysuckle works to clear the mind and work to strengthen psychic powers. Some believe that crushing and placing the honeysuckle flowers next to the forehead can boost the psychic powers within the mind. The scent of honeysuckle can sharpen intuition when used as a plant, when burned as incense or when dried and placed around the room in sachets.

It Draws money, success, and quick abundance and aids persuasiveness and confidence. 
Ring green candles with honeysuckle flowers or use honeysuckle in charms & sachets to attract money. 

Medicinal Uses
The flowers of this plant contain 12 antiseptic compounds that are active against many microorganisms that cause not only respiratory problems but sore throat, flu and pneumonia.

Honeysuckle (Lonicera Japonica) has got some medecinal uses. In China it is used extensively to treat sore throats, colds, flue, tonsillitis, bronchitis, pneumonia.

Honeysuckle flower extracts are strongly active against several bacteria causing respiratory problems, including those that cause TB.

But beware the honeysuckle's berries are poisonous.

Overall a wonderfull addition to any garden & the little birds love it surrounding their house!! <3
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