Friday, June 7, 2013

Protection herbs

Here are a list of protection herbs that are easy to obtain and have been used for a very long time for protection.
Soak basil leaves in water under the light of a full moon. The next day place the basil leaves under your rugs, in the corners of rooms, in your car, under stepping stones, under your bed or wherever you want protection. Basil not only brings success but also aides in matters of love and money. Place a basil leaf in your wallet to attract more money. When basil is used in culinary dishes it helps promote love and happiness.
Cedar should be burned when you are trying out new mediations or are experimenting with the spiritual world in any way. This includes divination, the Ouija board (or any talking board) and magick. It helps to open up positive connections to the spirit world and prevents negative energies from bothering you. Cedar also contains purification and spiritual healing properties.
Garlic is an important ingredient in Four Thieves Vinegar. Four Thieves Vinegar was used to protect against illness during the black plague and is now being used to protect your home. It is a very strong natural insect repellant. Hang garlic in your kitchen to protect against unwanted or negative visitors. Replace the garlic at least once a year.
Smudging with sage will protect against any negative magick that has been directed your way. To smudge means to burn the sage and then fan the smoke out with a feather to fill the room. You would walk around with the burning sage in a dish or sea shell. Use the feather (or whatever you have) and fan the smoke away from you while covering all corners and areas of every room in your house. When finished open the windows and let the smoke flow out. If you feel that someone is purposely trying to harm you using magick do this at least once or twice a month until you feel the threat is gone.
Burdock Root
Carry a piece in a small white bag in your pocket to protect against picking up negative energy while you are out and about. If you are going to have a verbal confrontation with someone then having this on you will prevent the negative energy created in the situation from attaching itself to you. This doesn't mean you can escape karma but you can protect yourself against negative energy created by other people.

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