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Ribbon Magic

Ribbons and Magic

Ribbon Magic
Understanding Ribbon Magic
The age-old tradition of playing with colored ribbons and tying them in knots is rooted in folk magic. Ribbons are a basic ingredient of most spells, and ribbon magic is one of the simplest ways to literally weave magic. Ribbons are easy to obtain, and it is worth buying a variety of different colored ones for use. An old custom that still persists into modern times is the Maypole – men, women and children had colored ribbons and dance between each other, weaving them together in a fertility rite to ensure good harvests.
Healing Waters. Tying ribbons to a tree near ancient springs or lakes honors the healing spirits of the waters and so represents a wish that these healing spirits will cure an ailment. In America a yellow ribbon is used to symbolize that travelers are welcome to return home.
Weaving Magic With Your Ribbons
Tying Knots: A knot secures something, be it a shoe or a boat. In magic, knots fix your spell and focus your intent.
Timing: If you have allowed a time frame for the spell work in, be sure not to untie any knots in the ribbon before this time.
Storage: When you’ve performed your ribbon spell, be sure to keep the ribbon somewhere safe. Wrapping it in a piece of natural silk is ideal.
Binding (Protection): Just as ribbons bind your hair, protecting it from the wind or dirt, they also bind negative influences and prevent them from affecting you.
Wearing Ribbons: For a period of time prior to casting your spell, wear your in your hair or o a belt loop. This charges it with your own energy, increasing the power of being put into the spell.
To secure your wishes, repeat your intent every time you tie a knot. Tying a ribbon around a present secures your good wishes into the gift.
Number of knots:
1: The number of unity. For focus, single-mindedness, acceptance.
2: The number of duality. Balance in partnerships and relationships.
3: Number of Saturn. For solidity, timing, acceptance.
4: Number of Jupiter. For dealing with authority, general health.
5: Number of Mars. For energy, passion, courage, willpower.
6: Number of the Sun. For success, wealth, charisma.
7: Number of Venus. For love, fertility, emotional growth.
8: Number of Mercury. For mental clarity, healing, communication.
9: Number of the Moon. For the emotions, tides, glamour.
10: Number of the Earth. For endurance, perseverance and grounding.
Knots can be tied in handkerchiefs as well as ribbons – such as in the old tradition of “binding” your memory to prevent you from forgetting something.
Ribbon Colors:
White: Purity, healing, blessing, wisdom, innocence.
Red: Energy, passion, vitality, willpower, success.
Orange: Creativity, prosperity, emotional strength.
Yellow: Mental power, wealth, communication, travel.
Green: Growth, fertility, harmony.
Light Blue: Healing, serenity, peace, security.
Dark Blue: Success in long-term plans, clarity.
Purple: Spiritual development, lick, physic abilities.
Pink: Gentle love, romance, friendship, tranquility.
Brown: Grounding, stability, endurance.
Black: Binding, depression, absorbing negativity.
All information supplied from Mind Body and Spirit

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