Saturday, August 17, 2013

Uncrossing Ritual

Uncrossing Ritual

One Image Candle of the appropriate Gender
Heavy Black Cord
Scissors or Ritual Knife

Wrap the Image Candle with the Cord, making certain to bind the arms and legs together.
Carve your name on the Image Candle's forehead, blessing it or perhaps even baptizing it in your name.
Describe carefully (aloud) the bound condition, exactly as you feel it to be occurring to yourself, but as it would apply to the image.
Cut the cords one at a time with the Scissors or Knife, each time describing how that particular bond is broken, and how it makes you free (once again from the perspective of an outsider working on the image).
Wash the candle in clean water when finished and light it. Allow it to burn completely.


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