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Herbal Magical listing - short & Sweet

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Astrological Herbs: Please note that some of these are poisonous! Please double check with someone knowledgable before ingesting any kind of herb, etc. The ones I've notated with * are not to be ingested--period! The ones with {P} next to them should be handled very carefully (or avoided) by pregnant or nursing women. The ones with ** next to them can be harmful to people with certain long term illnesses--please ask your Dr. about them 
Aries: blessed thistle, broom, cowslip, ferns*, garlic, gentrain, hemp**, marjoram, mustard seed, nettle, yellow dock. 
Taurus: coltsfoot, dandelion, flax**, lovage, plantain, sage, thyme 
Gemini: caraway seed, dog grass, ferns*, flax seed**, lavender, mandrake*, scullcap, vervain, yarrow{P} Cancer: agrimony, betony, hyssop, lemon verbena, marigold 
Leo: angelica**{P}, anise, bay leaves, dill, fennel seed, laurel, lavender, marigold, mint, mistletoe*, poppy seed, rue{P}, St. John's wort 
Virgo: fennel seed, licorice, maiden hair{P}, scullcap, valerian 
 Libra: archangel, burdock, hearts ease, pennyroyal{P}, primrose, thyme, violet, uva ursi, verbena 
 Scorpio: basil{P}, blessed thistle, horehound{P}, sarsaparilla, wormwood 
 Sagittarius: agrimony, betony, burdock, dandelion, may apple, red clover** 
 Capricorn: comfrey*, henbane*, knot weed, nightshade*, slippery elm, thyme 
 Aquarius: frankincense, myrrh{P}, snake root, southernwood, spikenard, valerian 
 Pisces: Irish moss, kings fern, sea lettuce, sea spirit

AloeBeauty, protection, success, peace.

Acaciaburn with sandalwood to stimulate your psychic powers.

African violetplace one of these small plants in your home to promote spirituality and peace in your home.

Agrimonyprotection, banishing evil forces.


Allspiceburn to attract good luck and money.

Applelove magick, divination, symbol of the Goddess, fertility

AngelicaProtection, Exorcism. Grow in the garden as a protection. Carry the root with you as an amulet. Burn the dried leaves in exorcism rituals.AniseprotectionProtection, purification, awareness, joy. A good general cleansing bath is made with a handful of anise seeds and a few bay leaves. A pillow of anise keeps away nightmares.

Anise, Starplace some on your altarto give it power. Place one in ech of the four directions. Carry for good luck.

AppleLove spells, good luck.

AshA tree with protective qualities, it is used to make brooms for purification and wands for healing. The leaves placed beneath a pillow induce psychic dreams. The leaves bring luck and good fortune when carried in a pocket of bag worn around the neck.

BALM of GILEADThe buds are carried to ease a broken heart and can be added to love and protection charms and spells.

Barleyprotection, healing, fertility

BasilProtection, love, wealth (if carried in your wallet), healing relationships, ensuring faithfulness in a mate, courage, fertility, exorcism. An ingredient of the Purification bath sachet. Add to love sachets and incenses. burn to exorcise and protect against evil entities. Attracts fidelity, love, good luck, sympathy and wealth when buned. Basil given as a gift is said to bring good luck into a new home.

Baypurification, promotes vitality, symbol of the newborn God Psychic visions and dreams, repels negativity and evil.

Bay Laurelwisdom, protection, psychic powers, banishes negative energy.

Benzoinan excellent purifyer when burned!often it is used as a base to most incenses.

BetonyAdd to incenses of protection and purification. Sleep on a pillow stuffed with betony to prevent nightmares.

BistortBurn with frankincense for divination. Add to sachets for wealth and money.


CarawayProtection, Passion, Add to love sachets and charms to attract a lover in the more physical aspect.

CanationWorn by witches for protection during the "Burning Times", adds energy and power when used during a ritual as an incense.

Catnipmake a tea out of this to promote sleep, use to attract a familiar, let your cat eat some out of your hand to create a psychic bond. As an incense it may be used to consecrate magical tools.

Cedarburned for purification, to stimulate or strengthen psychic powers, attratc love, prevent nightmares. Hang some cedar in your home to protect it from lightning.

CeladineHelps the wearer escape unfair imprisonment and entrapment, cures depression.

Chamomileprosperity, calms the nerves if drunk or place in bath water Good as a meditation incense, for centering, peace, sprinkle in your home for protection, healing, money. Plant camomile in your garden to be the guardian of the land, and you will have certain success.

Cinnamonburn to raise spiritual vibrations, aid in healing, draw money, produce protective vibrations, and stimulate psychic powers.

CinquenfoilHang around the doors and windows for protection from evil. Use in spells and charms for prosperity, purification and protection.

CinnamonSpiritual quests, augmenting power, love, success, psychic work, healing, cleansing. Used in incenses for healing, clairvoyance, high spiritual vibrations. Reputed to be a male aphrodisiac. Use in prosperity charms.

CloverAssociated with the Triple Goddess. Use in rituals for beauty, youth, healing injuries, curing madness. A Four-leaved clover enables one to see fairies, and as a general good-luck charm. fidelity, prosperity, carry for success in every endeavor

CloveWear in an amulet or charm to dispel negativity and bind those who speak ill of you. Cloves strung on a red thread can be worn as a protective charm. Money matters, visions, cleansing and purification. a great purification and protection herb. Burn to dispel negative energy and stop or prevent gossip.

Comfreypurification, healing, Safe travel spells, money, healing, honoring the Crone aspect of the Goddess.

CorianderProtection of home and serenity, peace , good in ritual drinks, incenses for longevity and love spells. Uses: If added to wine, it makes a good love potion for 2 consenting parties. To use in this fashion, grind 7 grains of coriander and mix into a wine and drink. Also used in love sachets and charms.

CowslipLuck in love, a woman who washes her face with milk infused with cowslip will draw her beloved closer to her. Induces contact with departed loved ones during dreams.

CypressThe smoke of Cypress can be used to consecrate ritual objects.

Dandelionstrength, making wishes, past-life work

Damianasexual prowess, energy, burn for opening psychic powers and cause visions.

DaisyDecorate the house with daisies at Midsummer's Eve to bring happiness to the home and to obtain the blessings of faeries. Daisies are also worn at Midsummer for luck and blessings. In the old times, young maidens would weave and wear daisy chains in their hair to attract their beloved.

DandelionDivination, welcoming, messages.

DillUseful in love charms. May also be hung in childrens rooms to protect them from evil spirits and protect against bad dreams.

Dragon's Blood (it's a flower not actual blood.)Widely used in love, protection and purification spells. Keep a piece under the bed to cure impotency. Carried for good luck. May be dissolved in the bath for strong purification. Add to other incenses to strengthen their powers. Burn while spellcasting or invoking for protection.

ELECAMPANEUseful in raising spirits and to aid in meditation.

ElderBranches are widely used for wands. One must always be cautious to ask permission from the Elder Dryad before cutting or harvesting Elder limbs or leaves and berries to avoid very bad luck. It is also considered very bad luck to burn Elder wood. The leaves hung around the doors and windows will ward off evil.

EucalyptusUsed in healing rituals, charms and amulets. Place the leaves around a blue candle and burn for healing energies.

EyebrightAnoint eyelids with the infusion daily to induce clairvoyant visions and psychic dreams.

FennelPurification, protection, healing, money.FernThe Fern is an extremely powerful protective plant. Grow them in and around the house for protection from evil and negativity.

FrankincenseA very powerful aid to meditation. Use to purify ritual spaces and invoke a spiritual frame of mind. burn to dispel negativity, purify magickal space, during mediatation, induce psychic visions, honors Pagan deity. Rosemary can be a substitute. Mixed with myrrh for an excellent purification incense (This is the blend that the Catholic church uses during their masses.).

GalangalBurn to break hexes and spells made against you. Wear for good luck and protection. (this has a very strong odor though.).

GardeniaUsed to attract true love.

GarlicA very protective herb, healing, good weather, courage, exorcism.

Ginsengpower, sucess, money matters, burned to protect from all evil. Can be used as a substitute for mandrake.Carry to attract love and beauty.

HawthornUsed in protective sachets and amulets against evil influences. Promotes happiness in marriage or a relationship. It is bad luck to cut down a hawthorn. Burn the berries as an incense when you need energy and change in life.

HazelHazel wood is excellent for an all-purpose wand. Forked branches can be used for divining. Sprigs of Hazel can be carried for good luck, they are especially powerful if bound together by red and gold thread.

HenbaneCarried to attract the love of a woman. Was once used as an ingredient in a Witches flying ointment. Henbane is extremely poisonous and the upmost caution is urged.

HIGH JOHN the CONQUEROR ROOTUse this as an additive to candle anointing oils, and charms to increase their strength.

HollyPlanted around the home for protection against evil. The leaves and berries can be carried by a man to heighten his masculinity, virility and to attract a lover.

HopsUsed in healing incenses and charms. Hops placed in a pillow will help with sleep.

Hibiscuslove spells, induce lust
Hollyprotection of children (just don't leave the berries around where the children can get them. The berries are poisonous), symbol of the waning year
Honeysuckleprosperity, employment
Hyssopprotection, Use in purification baths, protective and banishing spells. Hyssop was widely used during the Middle Ages for purification, cleansing and consecration rituals. If burnt as an incense or thrown into a fire is said one may draw upon magickal dragon energy.

IvyProtects the houses it grows around and over from evil and harm. In the old traditions, Ivy and Holly was given to newlyweds as good-luck charms.

JASMINEUsed in love spells, charms and sachets. Women have used Jasmine from the earliest recorded history because of its seductive effects on men.

JuniperProtection against accidents, harm and theft. The berries are used to attract lovers once dried and worn as a charm.

LavendarSleep, long life, peace, wishes, protection, love, purification, visions, attracting men, clarity of thought. An ingredient in the Purification bath sachet, also used in purification incenses. It is thrown onto the Midsummer fires by Witches as a sacrifice to the ancient gods. Lavender is a frequent addition to healing sachets,especially bath mixtures, and is added to incenses to cause sleep. Burn to induce sleep. The scent of lavendar is said to attract men. Scatter some flowers about the home to maintain peacefulness. Use in purification baths.
LemonX Purification, love, blessings.

Lemon BalmLove potions, aphrodisiacs, fertility anti depressant. Drink as an infusion to soothe emotional pains after a relationship ends.

Lemon VerbenaLove charms, youth, beauty and attractiveness to the opposite sex. Wear around your neck or place under a pillow to prevent dreams.

Lilacpast life work, exorcism, psychicism and attracts harmony in your life. It is also said to help clear a haunted house if the fresh flowers are placed in it.
Marigold or Calendulaprotection, psychicism
MintBurn to increase sexual desire. Place some on your altar to call good spirits to add you in magick.
Mugwortinduces prophetic dreams, protects travelers, aids in astral projection, fertility, steep
in hot water, when cooled, strain the mugwort and use the water to cleanse magickal items.
Orrisaids in astral projection, makes an excellent scyring incense.
PatchouliAn excellent money attracting incense. Also promotes fertility
Pineburned for purification and to banish negative energies, exorcise evil supernatural entities, and to attract money. As well as breaking hexes and spells and returning them to their sender.
Rosemarylove healing, purifucation, increases mental prowess, prevent nightmares, dispel depression, and promotes a restful nights sleep.
Ruespiritual cleansing
SageAn excellent purification herb. burn to cleanse magickal space and tools. Promotes wisdom, attracts money, and aids in the healing of the body, mind and spirit.
SandalwoodBurned to exocise demons and evil ghosts, conjure beneficial spirits, and promote spiritual awareness.
SweetgrassBurned to attract good spirits or beings, before performing a ritual.
Thistleuse in banishing spells, protection
Thymeburn to purify magickal space before performing.
Tobacco (natural. not the stuff in cigarettes although that can be used in an emergency)Native American Indians used to honor their deities, purification
Valerian (this herb REALLY stinks)psychicism, astral projection, past-life work, protection, a tea from this herb induces sleep
VetivertBurn to break curses and protection against "black" magick.
Wheatfertility, prosperity
Wintergreenhealing, protection
Wormwoodburn to stimulate and increase psychic powers. When mixed with sandalwood nad burned in a graveyard it is said to be able to conjure spirits from their graves.

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