Sunday, September 8, 2013

Oak Moss

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I thought this one was pretty interesting though.. I had no idea until I did the background on it...

Oak Moss
Element Earth, Planet: Jupiter
Growing on barks of trees, with a gray suede like appearance.
Use this sweet smelling 'moss' in Prosperity spells, Gnome magic and spells to Mother Earth. Use in -Witch Bottles- for home &business.
It helps us connect to Elemental Earth energy. Oak moss can be used to attune to the spirit of the forest and the Gods of nature. It is grounding and sensual in an earthy sort of way. It enhances sensitivity and awareness and may be used by those who wish to listen to the nature spirits and the voice of Mother Earth. There is a raw, Pan-like erotic energy to this scent, a little wild and unpredictable.
Others like to use this magick herb for money spells, seeing the Elemental Earth connection to wealth (as in Hades/Pluto). Oak Moss also attracts Male lust, placing a sachet of Oak Moss in bra When MALE lover is near.
It is a good addition to potpourri, helping to fix the scents and to add a forest-like smell. Its scent is musky, earthy, green like a mossy glade. Blends well with Neroli, Lavender, Geranium, Cypress, Bay, Patchouli and Citrus oils.Try it as an incense base, too; grind it together with resins or hard spices.

History and Mythology
These ancient organisms are the guardians of the forest and very sensitive to environmental pollution. Where Oak moss and other lichens grow prolifically one can be sure the air is clean - sadly such places are becoming rare, and so is Oak moss.
Lichens are complex compound organisms that can only exist in symbiosis. They are like the nervous system of the forest that conveys even the subtlest changes of environmental conditions to all parts of the forest. They have no showy flowers, no yummy fruits or nourishing roots, yet they are immensely important to the integrity of the ecosystem and the first indicators of imbalance. Their growth cycle is so slow as to be almost timeless and they are among the oldest living things on the planet. When they are gone the forest and all the life it supports will disappear as well. American Indians have long used various lichens for food, medicine and as natural dyes. In high class perfumery Oak moss is used as a fixative.
Shown is Lichen twig wreath from

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