Saturday, September 28, 2013


Serpentine Stone is a strong stone known to stimulate the arousal of the kundalini energies. If you feel that there may be blockages in any of your chakras... this stone is a useful aid.
Serpentine is a beautiful green stone found in south Africa known to have properties of healing and meditation. encourages the ability to solve problems with a peaceful mind.

Mentally and Emotionally: Assists in moving you into a heart-centered attitude towards humanity. Excellent stone for those who work in healing professions such as social work, teaching, nursing or coaching.

Physically: Place over your heart chakra. Brings to arthritis, asthma, als, aids, and other autoimmune diseases.

Spiritually: Aligns you with the energy of the great goddess. Can be used to awaken kundalini. Powerful and nurturing stones for energy healing work with each of the chakras, but the heart chakras and lower chakras benefit from the vibrations of these stones the most.

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