Saturday, November 23, 2013

333 Magic Spell

I came across this post & had to save it here... I see sequential numbers a lot especially 333 & my street address is N333

333 Magic Spell - From Chris Power

Three is a powerful magic number in many cultures and numerous magical systems. Three threes is extra powerful ... to add power to your Cosmic Orders or Affirmations repeat them three times. Choose 3, 30, or 33 when you are using free lotto spells. Whenever you can, try to incorporate 3 or 30, 33, 303, 330, 333 or any other combination of three.

3 is an Angelic protective number that will protect you too.

Saying something three times is powerful because the first time awakens the conscious mind, the second makes it unmistakable, and the third makes it truly known!

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