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New Beginnings Tarot Spread

New Beginnings Tarot Spread 
From http://hermeticrose.com/2010/08/the-fool/

This layout follows the rough outline of the Fool’s body as shown on the card–poised like a bow and arrow prior to release. A drawn bow holds a lot of tension and potential. When you start a new project it’s much the same. You are the bow embodying both the tension and potential that will carry the project forward. Your enthusiasm is the energy that bends the bow and draws the string. This spread seeks to give you an opportunity to consider some of the forces that may effect your aim and become aware of resources you can use to support you in your goals.
Shuffle the deck while thinking of your intention for the reading. You may wish to focus on this course as a new project. Or, you may be at the start some other new direction. Hold one or the other in mind. Remember the cards are a mirror to show you what you aspects of the situation that you might not be aware of. For example you would think you would be aware of your conscious position, but often you don’t fully realize the stance you have taken. The cards, like a dream, are there to help you see these things and make adjustments if necessary.
After you have shuffled the cards to your satisfaction, deal them out in the order shown on the layout. Do not deal out a card for the Outcome Card.
The Outcome Card will be the major arcana card equal to the sum of the numeric values of all the cards in the reading. Give the value of 4 to Kings, 3 to Queens, 2 to Knights and 1 to Pages. If the sum is higher than 22 add the numbers of the sum together. Use the final number to select the appropriate major arcana card.
What are you leading with (position 1 – the Right Hand)? Where is the tip of the arrow aimed? Then, what are the forces that propel the project forward? What resources do you bring (position 2 – Sack)? Look at the position 3—what might be the areas of vulnerability? Position 4 (the dog) will show you instinct to be trusted?
Consider the distribution of suits. Do you have several wands or cups? What is the distribution of the cards telling you. Do you have more than two major arcana (including the outcome card)? If so, this may indicate a project that already has much momentum.
What do you take away from this reading? How has this reading contributed to your self-knowledge? Write a short paragraph.
Make note of your reading and your reflections in your tarot journal. For example, if you drew the seven of swords, go to your seven of swords page, note the date, the reading, the position of the card and your associations about how it might apply to your life.

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