Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Year's Eve Spell 2014

New Year's Eve Spell: Out with the old, In with the new
On the day before the New Year's Eve take out your broomstick (or electrical vacuum cleaner) and clean your home, chanting : "Negativity begone, out of my way once and for all!".
Try to vacuum your house starting from inside and finishing at the door. Once finished open the door and proclaim one last time: "Negativity begone, out of my way once and for all!".
Then prepare a mixture of salt and blessed water and sprinkle the mixture in your house saying: "Negativity is gone, a barrier of light is built to protect me and the ones I love!".
Try to put your best effort in both processes as
a) negativity is the worst debris you want in your house
and b) protecting yourself and the ones you love is a fundamental step to achieve stability in your life without disturbances and interference.
If you feel like it, cast a magic spell for protection and create a protective magical amulet for you and the ones you love and present it to them as a gift.

Now moving to the second part:
1 pomegranate (try to choose a really nice one)
1 white candle
Chips from the bark of red sandalwood (optional)
Incense of your choice (choose your favorite one)

Now you can either choose the night of the 1st day of the year or the previous night after the clocks have passed 12 and the new year has come. Have a relaxing bath, dress beautifully, put your favorite perfume and cast the spell showing the true witch that you are:
Light the incense and the candle, hold the pomegranate in your raised hands and proclaim:
"Gods and Goddesses that made the Earth and Stars I call upon thee
Hear me this sacred night, I invoke your light.
Come and bless me, my house and the ones I love,
Good luck will only follow us once and for all.
Pomegranate, divine promise, eternal life,
You are mine I hold thee,
Your countless blessings send to shower us all,
And as I said so be it."

Crash the pomegranate to the ground and say:
"Good luck, blessings of the Earth and Stars will now shower us,
in divine love our hearts we trust."
The spell has been released. Gather the seeds and bury some in the ground.
Take the juice and mix it with red sandalwood (alternatively use only the juice).
Make small marks inside your house saying:
"Good luck, the blessing of the Earth and Stars will only shower us".
Your spell is done, may the New Year bring you love, luck, happiness and fun!

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