Friday, January 3, 2014

Confidence shot down again...

Thinking... "what a great idea" a spring  steampunk festival I'd love to go to - "I can be a vendor" .
Tickets cost $30 to go to the faire for the weekend - but strangely enough there is no cost to be a vendor. I could sell my steam punk inspired jewelry - make more - sell some clothes - maybe even do some tarot readings!! I would get to see all the fun and hopefully make some money... all I would need to do is borrow canopies from my sister... great!!
Well... you're wasting all that money driving there ... its not that far - only like 25 min. & there's no charge
Go to Princeton its closer - yes but not much and they charge
Yeah but its closer & you drive all that way & then you barely sell anything....
I don't have to worry about not having faith in myself.... it seems its always done for me before I get a chance to start....

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