Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy new year!!

Starting off the new year with the new blog app on my phone...
I think this may be a good thing...  more journaling ... more excess release
I do release some feelings and thoughts on my pages... I try to do it in a poetic fashion... and mostly it does get shared here but not always...
I need to express more... I get so exhausted and depressed holding it back... so be ready potential readers
Happy fkn new year... new year same shit
My friend tells me her husband works alot  ... sometimes he doesn't get as much sleep as he should - I get that. She tries to be pleasant and patient... but breaking down further & further. He's temperamental & rude 88% of the time he's home even when he's gotten plenty of rest.
There is a dog laying on the floor because she's been healing from a leg injury... he was down by her & when she came in the room she went down by them too. He huffed up into his chair& went on his computer & she asked him why... "he didn't need to be down there if I was"....
There was also a disagreement about her cleaning the bathroom wall & ceiling - but that's a lot to type out from my phone ... :(
So far this is not the start she was hoping for.... but she should've known better

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