Sunday, May 11, 2014

Catnip Magical Correspondences

Catnip Magical Correspondences:
Planet: Venus
Element: Water
Gender: Feminine
Associated Deities: Mostly associate with Bast, catnip is also associated with Venus and Sekhmet.
Magickal Properties:
Animal magick, beauty, happiness, love.

Magickal Uses:
Creates a psychic bond with cats.
Promotes playfulness.
Used for love spells in mojo bags and sachets. Use with rose petals in love sachets
Grown in the garden, it attracts good spirits and luck.
Add to dream pillows to promote sleep
Large leaves have traditionally been used for marking pages in magical books.
Catnip enhances beauty and happiness.
Grow it near your home to attract good spirits and great luck.
Mix with dragon's blood in an incense to rid oneself of bad habits or behavioral problem

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