Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fennel for Constipation


For Constipation, Herbipedia recommends: Fennel has calmative action to help create a soothing mucus for the stool impaction to move through your colon.

What form should I take it?

Fennel Vinegar:Take 1tsp of fennel seeds and ground with back of a spoon , Warm ½ cup of cider vinegar. Place crushed fennel seeds in vinegar. Now, place saucer over cup to trap volatile oils that are a vital medicinal part of fennel leave to cool.

Once cool drain seeds from vinegar and place in jar.

When to take:

1Tbsp in warm water, up to three threes daily.

Vinegar will keep for 1 year.

Note : cider vinegar contains significant amounts of pectin, which is a water soluble fiber which coupled with depurative substance Fenchone form then fennel work together to move stool.

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