Thursday, May 28, 2015

Henna plant & properties

In Morocco, henna is used to guard against misfortune.
It is used for its magical powers. The traditional use of henna is similar to prayer, and whether it reveals a regret, a request, a fear or a superstition, it admits to the presence of forces beyond our comprehension, forces infinitely greater than ourselves.
The henna plant is a symbol of transformation. Lawsonia Inermis, or henna grows primarily in Africa, India and the Middle East. 
The henna plant can grow from 10–15 feet tall with small bright green leaves amid a thorny bark. It produces beautiful flowers that emit a sweet, seductive scent reminiscent of jasmine and rose. The flower is petite and four petalled, with slender, elongated antennas bursting from the center. It blooms in red, rose, white, yellow, cream and pink.
Fresh henna leaves have no odor, even when crushed between the fingers. When the leaves have been dried and sifted into a fine powder they will emit a unique and aromatic fragrance, a powerful and heady combination of earth, clay, chalk, and damp green leaves.

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