Friday, February 17, 2017

Tarot Major Arcana The Fools Story

I'm always trying to remember my knowledge and details of the Tarot.. I do know a lot, but really there's there's SO much information.. I wanted to revisit the actual story of the Fools Journey.. and then accompany it with images that offer more detail on the symbolism...

Here's a copy of my exact post from Witch's Cauldron....

Let's take a little time and go on the "Fool's Journey" and look through the images to see the representations of some of the symbolism used...
We begin with the Fool (0), a card of beginnings.
The Fool stands for each of us as we begin our journey of life. He is a fool because only a simple soul has the innocent faith to undertake such a journey with all its hazards and pain.
At the start of his trip, the Fool is a newborn - fresh, open and spontaneous. The figure on Card 0 has his arms flung wide, and his head held high. He is ready to embrace whatever comes his way, but he is also oblivious to the cliff edge he is about to cross. The Fool is unaware of the hardships he will face as he ventures out to learn the lessons of the world.
The Fool stands somewhat outside the rest of the major arcana. Zero is an unusual number. It rests in the exact middle of the number system - poised between the positive and negative. At birth, the Fool is set in the middle of his own individual universe. He is strangely empty (as is zero), but imbued with a desire to go forth and learn. This undertaking would seem to be folly, but is it?

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