Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Vesna ~ Spring and awakening.

Vesna is the old Slavicgoddess of Spring and awakening.
Her name means messenger. She was a protector of Her people, especially the women.
She returns from the Underworld at the Vernal Equinox, bringing Springtime along with Her.

On the last week of March, when the ice begins to melt, the old Slavonic peoples held a celebrate to announce that death (Winter) was about to leave and new life was about to take its place. It was said that on this night, the gates of heaven would open, and if anyone asked for a special gift at the moment of the opening, their wish would be granted. The Russian peasant, therefore, stayed out in the field all night in order to watch for the opening of the sky. Usually, though, they had a bit too much vodka and fell asleep.

Then, as soon as the first signs of sunrise were observed in the East by the women who had kept watch during the night, the villagers were roused and hastened to the nearest hill facing East, where the earliest rays of the Spring sun would fall, waiting to welcome Vesna. The two elders of the village took with them a clean white cloth which they would spread on the ground at the summit of the hill, and place the bread and salt upon it while the men called out loudly, "Mother Vesna! see here!" desiring the goddess to accept their welcome.

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