Thursday, April 4, 2013



Also Commonly known as .. 
 Blue Skullcap and American Skullcap
Latin Name ~ Scutellaria lateriflora
Family ~ Mint (Lamiaceae)
Parts used
Leaf and flower are most common, root is used in some traditions.
This is this a blue-flowered, North American native growing Perennial happily in damp, shady places.
Try combinations of  Skullcap with....

  • Catnip & Chamomile for indigestion & insomnia
  • Passionflower for mental restlessness & anxiety
  • Lemonbalm for sadness
  • Rosemary &  Tulsi Basil for focus  or to meditate
  • Wood Betony, Lavender or Blue Vervain for headache
  • Cramp Bark & Wild Yam for menstrual cramps
  • Ashwaghanda & Oats for  long-term stress

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