Saturday, November 30, 2013

Essential oils on pets

Using essential oils on pets is similar to people as there are precautions you should take. Because pets are much smaller, essential oils should be diluted more than for an adult person.

Dilution guidelines: when in doubt contact your DVM.
Horses require minimum to no dilution ( 1 drop essential oil in 1 tsp carrier oil to help disperse)
Dogs: 0-25lbs – 75% dilution (1 drop essential oil to 4 drops carrier oil)
26-45lbs -50-75%
46-75lbs – 50%
76-90lbs – 25-50%
+150lbs – 0-25%
Cats, ferrets, rabbits, reptiles – 75-90%
Birds & Amphibians – 90-95% or hydrosols (1 drop essential oil mixed with water in 8 ounce spray bottle)

Lemon essential oil: Used to increase awareness in training or cognitive issues. It is an anti-parasitic and can be combined with others safely, excellent for skin conditions. Use topically, diffused or ingested.
Lavender essential oil: Use for injuries while hiking or riding. Gentle but anti-infectious. When combined with peppermint, healing is increased and infection and pain is decreased. Repels parasites and calms nervous system. May be helpful for masses and tumors.
Frankincense: Safer, gentle oil that is a favorite for smaller pets and birds. Used in every aspect of pet care: wounds, tumors, behavior, infections, bacteria and fungal control. Dilution recommended with lavender.
Peppermint: Most used oil for overheated horses and dogs, provides cooling quickly. Used on long hikes, placing a drop in water for internal cooling. Peppermint must be diluted for cats, 1 part oil to 4 parts vegetable oil
Recommendations from Dr. Mary Hess, DVM.

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  1. "Cats [and household pets] lack an essential enzyme in their liver and as such have difficulty metabolizing and eliminating certain toxins like essential oils." `