Friday, December 13, 2013

Ancient Aromatherapy

A little about Ancient Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy is described as being the therapeutic use of pure essential oils for benefiting the body, mind, and spirit and is a very ancient practice. Used throughout the globe for centuries (dated use can be traced back over 5000 years), essential oils also hold an almost mystical aura in ancient texts as they were employed by sacred medicine men, Ayurvedic healers, Egyptian & Greek Gods and Goddesses for a myriad of tasks, one being (in ancient Sanskrit texts) to aid in the opening and balancing of the energy vortices or chakras that are a part of us all.
Most of us know about the mystical gifts of the "Three Wise Men" to Baby Jesus being highly prized essential oils. If you are a reader of the Bible, you know that essential oils are mentioned many times throughout. (The Bible has more than 500 references to at least 33 species of essential oils and/or the herbs from which they are distilled.) -

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