Friday, December 13, 2013

What are Chakras?

What are Chakras?
Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means "Wheel of Light" . Chakras are a part of our auras, or the luminous radiations of light, or fields of light energy radiating from our bodies; "three-dimensional spiraling vortices of energy that are transfer points for our thoughts, feelings and physical functioning of specific endocrine glands." -
Chakras are basically the energy centers of our bodies and are always in constant motion, (unless we are sick or very unhealthy). These swirling colorful energy centers reflect our total health encompassing everything from our physical health to our mental health, and our emotional health as well as our spiritual health.
Angelic wisdom imparted to Doreen Virtue is shared with us regarding chakras and 'rainbow energy' in her book Angel Medicine where she states that the angels of Atlantis spoke with her and said many things to aid in our personal roads to healing including the following bit of information about chakras, sunlight and rainbow energy,
"The bands of natural sunlight are composed of the colors of the rainbow as well as our chakras, which are our natural connection to the Divine light (we all have rainbows inside us). With sufficient sunlight (and rainbow absorption) we feel happy and alive, the human body was designed to absorb and assimilate rainbow energy through sunlight to help heal our ailments and prevent them from ever occurring. Rainbow energy is concentrated in reiki, qi gong, therapeutic touch, rainbow medicine, prana and other names given to channeling rainbow energy through your hands and hearts."

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