Monday, December 2, 2013

Essential oil Air Freshener

Looking for a great & affordable DIY gift for the holidays?? This is fantastic!
Materials Needed:
1. Very Course Salt Crystals: Rock salt, or other similarly course salts work perfectly for these creations.
2. Essential Oils: Use your favorite essential oil or blend to add fragrance to these air fresheners. You will need about 75 drops for this project. Available at

3. Food Coloring (optional): Add a splash of color (if desired) to accent your living area.
4. Perfume-Grade, or Grain Alcohol (optional): Use a perfume grade or grain alcohol (such as vodka) to help enhance or carry the aroma of the essential oils into the air if desired. You will need about 1 tsp. for this project.
5. Glass Vase or Decorative Container: Any decorative glass container will work to hold your Crystal Scents creations.
1. In a small glass bottle or vial, mix about 75-100 drops of your desired essential oil or blend with 1 tsp. perfume-grade, or pure-grain alcohol. Close the lid and shake to mix together. Allow this mixture to sit several hours to meld together. If you choose to use just the essential oils by themselves, skip this step.
2. In a small glass bowl, mix 1.5-2 cups very course salt with the essential oil mixture until the mixture is distributed evenly over the salt crystals. If desired, add a few drops coloring to color the crystals and mix thoroughly.
3. Pour the salt crystals into your decorative glass container.
4. Place the container in your desired area and enjoy! Periodically stirring or shaking the container can help renew the aroma. When the aroma becomes too weak, it can be refreshed with a new essential oil mixture.
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